Nightly build 2020-11-18

State completed
Build time Total: 75 minutes
18 minutes for macOS
17 minutes for Windows
39 minutes for Linux
Start Date2020-11-18 00:00:18 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6831675c8d Merge #20401: qt: Pre-splitoff translations update
80e32e120 Merge #20305: wallet: introduce fee_rate sat/vB param/option
e7986c51b Merge bitcoin-core/gui#96: Slight improve create wallet dialog
c463f70fb Merge #20139: Wallet: do not return warnings from UpgradeWallet()
3457054c6 Merge #20346: script: modify to use "==" instead of "is" for literal comparison
7c0d412a7 Merge #20405: p2p: avoid calculating onion address checksum when version is not 3