Nightly build 2020-10-16

State completed
Build time Total: 39 minutes
13 minutes for macOS
13 minutes for Windows
13 minutes for Linux
Start Date2020-10-16 23:00:20 UTC
Build Log HEAD~69e8d2bd07 Merge bitcoin-core/gui#97: Relax GUI freezes during IBD (when using wallets)
cb21d864c Merge #19401: QA: Use GBT to get block versions correct
2947ae6f8 Merge #20035: signet: Fix uninitialized read in validation
82d3596df Merge #20161: Minor Taproot follow-ups
fa723e3d4 Initialize default-initialized uint256 consensus params to zero explicitly
cbb5f3a2d Merge #19836: rpc: Properly deserialize txs with witness before signing