Nightly build 2020-10-15

State completed
Build time Total: 39 minutes
13 minutes for macOS
13 minutes for Windows
13 minutes for Linux
Start Date2020-10-15 23:00:16 UTC
Build Log HEAD~69ad7cd288 Merge #20090: [doc] Tiny followups to new getpeerinfo connection type field
9855422e6 Merge #17428: p2p: Try to preserve outbound block-relay-only connections during restart
0d2248235 Merge #20002: net, rpc, cli: expose peer network in getpeerinfo; simplify/improve -netinfo
711ddce94 Merge #20131: test: Remove unused nVersion=1 in p2p tests
560dea9b2 Merge #19770: RPC: getpeerinfo: Deprecate "whitelisted" field (replaced by "permissions")
e3b474c54 Merge #20140: Restore compatibility with old CSubNet serialization