build: Qt 5.15.x

Pull Request #19716

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Build time Total: 51 minutes
21 minutes for macOS
15 minutes for Windows
15 minutes for Linux
Start Date2020-08-14 07:50:00 UTC
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Author fanquake
Pull request head hashe90843ca
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Build Log HEAD~67f3459580 Merge branch 'qt_5_15_x' of
31760bb7c Merge #19528: rpc: Assert that RPCArg names are equal to CRPCCommand ones (misc)
e90843ca2 [WIP] build: Windows changes for Qt 5.15
ba9af0ff7 [WIP] build: macOS fixes for C++17 and Qt 5.15
f445262b4 build: set minimum required macOS to 10.14
bd2b72113 build: remove no-longer needed qt workaround