Nightly build 2020-07-31

State completed
Build time Total: 77 minutes
17 minutes for macOS
17 minutes for Windows
43 minutes for Linux
Start Date2020-07-31 23:00:05 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6f7c73b03d Merge #19569: Enable fetching of orphan parents from wtxid peers
a63a26f04 Merge #19585: rpc: RPCResult Type of MempoolEntryDescription should be OBJ.
a4a279b4f Merge #19617: doc: Clang 8 or later is required with FORCE_USE_SYSTEM_CLANG
10b7a6d53 refactor: make txmempool interface use GenTxid
5c124e174 refactor: make FindTxForGetData use GenTxid
a2bfac893 refactor: use GenTxid in tx request functions