Nightly build 2020-07-30

State completed
Build time Total: 74 minutes
17 minutes for macOS
17 minutes for Windows
41 minutes for Linux
Start Date2020-07-30 23:00:10 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6edec7f7c2 Merge #19439: script: Linter to check commit message formatting
ad2952d17 Merge #19604: Pass mempool pointer to UnloadBlockIndex/GetCoinsCacheSizeState
62d137ac3 Merge #19561: refactor: Pass ArgsManager into functions that register args
37b765b96 Merge #19102: wallet: Introduce and use DummyDatabase instead of dummy BerkeleyDatabase
17de75b02 Merge #19590: p2p, refactor: add `CInv` transaction message helpers; use in net processing
4ebe2f6e7 Merge #18011: Replace current benchmarking framework with nanobench