build: Use a zip instead of dmg for macOS releases

Pull Request #19068

State completed
Build time Total: 14 minutes
14 minutes for macOS
for Windows
for Linux
Start Date2020-05-26 11:31:44 UTC
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Author fanquake
Pull request head hash17d2ee18
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Build Log HEAD~67daffeb8a Merge branch 'macdeploy_zip_instead_of_dmg' of
7d32cce3e Merge #19010: net processing: Add support for getcfheaders
17d2ee188 docs: update macOS docs for new zip deployment method
4bc2f248f build: remove -add-resources argument from macdeployqtplus
29783b7b9 build: move qt_conf to where it's actually used in macdeployqtplus
b63ef150e build: merge -zip and -volname arguments in macdeployqtplus