Nightly build 2018-12-13

State completed
Build time Total: 65 minutes
7 minutes for macOS
17 minutes for Windows
40 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-12-13 00:00:11 UTC
Build Log HEAD~66d0a14703 Merge #14908: test: Removed implicit CTransaction constructor calls from tests and benchmarks.
38fb1b40d Merge #14914: Docs: Add nice table to
edc2822b9 Merge #14701: build: Add CLIENT_VERSION_BUILD to CFBundleGetInfoString
96bde4f01 Merge #14909: doc: Update minimum required Qt
ed2a2cebd Merge #13076: Fix ScanForWalletTransactions to return an enum indicating scan result: success / failure / user_abort
3fff1ab81 Merge #14646: Add expansion cache functions to descriptors (unused for now)