qt: Fix start with the `-min` option

Pull Request #14517

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17 minutes for Windows
39 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-11-07 02:23:36 UTC
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Author hebasto
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Build Log HEAD~65f3eb1526 Merge branch '20181019-start-minimized-to-tray' of https://github.com/hebasto/bitcoin
d864e4573 Merge #14673: travis: Fail the UBSan Travis build in case of newly introduced UBSan errors
976583e10 Merge #14672: tests: Send fewer spam messages in p2p_invalid_messages
4773fa820 Add llvm-symbolizer directory to PATH. Needed to get symbolized stack traces from the sanitizers.
3d305e3b8 Send fewer spam messages in p2p_invalid_messages
6af27b815 Merge #14619: tests: Fix value display name in test_runner help text