Nightly build 2018-10-29

State completed
Build time Total: 63 minutes
7 minutes for macOS
17 minutes for Windows
39 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-10-29 00:00:09 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6f1e2f2a85 Merge #14585: refactor: remove usage of locale dependent std::isspace
643b25d09 Merge #14583: docs: Textual improvements in build docs
36c8e6858 Various textual improvements in build docs
efaf2d85e Merge #13783: validation: Pass tx pool reference into CheckSequenceLocks
c70f9c0cf Merge #14571: [tests] Test that nodes respond to getdata with notfound
15db77f4d Don't rely on locale dependent functions in base_blob::SetHex(...) (uint256), DecodeBase58(...), ParseMoney(...) and ParseHex(...)