Qt: Fix restoration of minimized to tray window

Pull Request #14222

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Build time Total: 62 minutes
7 minutes for macOS
16 minutes for Windows
38 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-09-25 21:35:47 UTC
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Author hebasto
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Build Log HEAD~6c2f0cf88c Merge branch 'windows-tray-icon' of https://github.com/hebasto/bitcoin
cc7258bdf Merge #13877: utils: Make fs::path::string() always return utf-8 string on Windows
8efd87455 Merge #14281: lcov: filter /usr/lib/ from coverage reports
9f94483b7 Merge #14306: AppVeyor: Move AppVeyor YAML to dot-file-style YAML
bb8c9b3f7 Merge #14275: tests: Write the notification message to different files to avoid race condition in feature_notifications.py
ff40357da AppVeyor: Move AppVeyor YAML to dot-file-style YAML