gui: Add Windows taskbar progress

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15 minutes for macOS
35 minutes for Windows
85 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-09-25 13:02:35 UTC
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Author ken2812221
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Build Log HEAD~68a24a6f31 Merge branch 'qt-windows-progress-bar' of
4dac24db2 Merge #13311: Don't edit Chainparams after initialization
990fc0de1 Merge #14007: tests: Run functional test on Windows and enable it on Appveyor
37612099e Merge #13424: Consistently validate txid / blockhash length and encoding in rpc calls
985d28cc9 Merge #14297: [RPC] Remove warning for removed estimatefee RPC
f5035f9d0 Merge #14298: [REST] improve performance for JSON calls