Nightly build 2018-09-15

State completed
Build time Total: 61 minutes
7 minutes for macOS
16 minutes for Windows
39 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-09-15 23:00:07 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6c53e083a4 Merge #14212: build: Remove libssl from LDADD unless gui
de89eec25 Merge #14206: doc: Document -checklevel levels
8e1c13e6d doc: Document -checklevel levels
f09bc7ec9 Merge #12493: [wallet] Reopen CDBEnv after encryption instead of shutting down
a098245ec Merge #14215: [qa] Use correct python index slices in example test
efb11d7c0 Merge #14179: qa: Fixups to "Run all tests even if wallet is not compiled"