Nightly build 2018-08-31

State completed
Build time Total: 62 minutes
7 minutes for macOS
16 minutes for Windows
39 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-08-31 23:00:13 UTC
Build Log HEAD~659ecacfc8 Merge #11599: scripted-diff: Small locking rename
385ad1104 Merge #11640: Make LOCK, LOCK2, TRY_LOCK work with CWaitableCriticalSection
190bf62be scripted-diff: Small locking rename
b012bbe35 Merge #10605: Add AssertLockHeld assertions in CWallet::ListCoins
709a15b0a Merge #14088: tests: Don't assert(...) with side effects
bdbd654df Merge #14108: tests: Add missing locking annotations and locks (g_cs_orphans)