Release v0.17.0rc2

State completed
Build time Total: 84 minutes
11 minutes for macOS
26 minutes for Windows
47 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-08-22 14:06:47 UTC
Build Log HEAD~63e4829af0 Bugfix: NSIS: Exclude Makefile* from docs
9833545d1 RPCTypeCheck bip32derivs arg in walletcreatefunded
82e2b9cb2 QA: add basic walletcreatefunded optional arg test
65e7a8b97 walletcreatefundedpsbt: remove duplicate replaceable arg
c6d905746 Allow ConstructTransaction to not throw error with 0-input txn
1ffd67f11 Merge #14005: [0.17] depends: fix qt determinism