Nightly build 2018-08-11

State completed
Build time Total: 54 minutes
7 minutes for macOS
17 minutes for Windows
29 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-08-11 23:00:06 UTC
Build Log HEAD~61b04b55f2 Merge #13867: qa: Make extended tests pass on native Windows
a04888a07 Merge #13915: [qa] Add test for max number of entries in locator
a08533c1a Merge #13913: qa: Remove redundant checkmempool/checkblockindex extra_args
d6faea4f9 Merge #13908: [Docs] upgrade rescan time warning from minutes to >1 hour
bced8ea71 Merge #13927: rpc: Use pushKV in some new PSBT RPCs
09ada21ca Merge #13924: tests: Simplify comparison in