GUI: Peer table: Visualize inbound/outbound state for every row

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Start Date2018-06-26 19:47:50 UTC
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Build Log HEAD~69a8db15d0 Merge branch 'peer-table-show-inbound-outbound-symbol' of
4132ad3bf Show symbol for inbound/outbound in peer table
ee02debb2 Merge #13531: doc: Clarify that mempool txiter is const_iterator
452bb90c7 Merge #13507: RPC: Fix parameter count check for importpubkey
baf3a3ab0 Merge #13536: [qt] coincontrol: Remove unused qt4 workaround
b877c3947 Merge #13528: qt: Move BitcoinGUI initializers to class, fix initializer order warning