Nightly build 2018-06-19

State completed
Build time Total: 28 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
15 minutes for Windows
6 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-06-19 23:00:10 UTC
Build Log HEAD~63f398d7a1 Merge #13439: rpc: Avoid "duplicate" return value for invalid submitblock
088240685 Merge #13437: wallet: Erase wtxOrderd wtx pointer on removeprunedfunds
ac3224c8e Merge #13412: Make ReceivedBlockTransactions return void
450055bdb Merge #13438: Improve coverage of SHA256 SelfTest code
2d071f5a7 Merge #13443: Removed unused == operator from CMutableTransaction.
d67eff800 Merge #13494: Follow-up to #13454: Fix broken build by exporting LC_ALL=C