Nightly build 2017-03-25

State completed
Build time Total: 42 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
14 minutes for Windows
20 minutes for Linux
Start Date2017-03-25 00:00:11 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6a0b1e57 Merge #10052: [test] Run extended tests once daily in Travis
ca20923 Merge #10053: [test] Allow functional test cases to be skipped
0c1ade6 Skip rpcbind_test if OS/network requirements are not met.
a230b05 Merge #9701: Make bumpfee tests less fragile
dfef6b6 Merge #10047: [tests] Remove unused variables and imports
3568b30 Merge #9500: [Qt][RPC] Autocomplete commands for 'help' command in debug console