[qt] Satoshi unit

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Start Date2018-05-17 16:26:44 UTC
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Author GreatSock
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Build Log HEAD~661517b818 Merge branch 'satoshis' of https://github.com/GreatSock/bitcoin
ef0e5cd51 Merge #13251: GUI: Rephrase Bech32 checkbox texts, and enable it with legacy address default
c722f00a7 [qt] Added satoshi unit "Satoshi (sat)" will be displayed in dropdowns and status bars. "sat" will be used when appended to numbers.
4ddbcbf8c [qt] BitcoinUnits::format with zero decimals Formatting with zero decimals will now result in 123 instead of 123.0
82dda6bed GUI: Allow generating Bech32 addresses with a legacy-address default
7ab1c6f6a GUI: Rephrase Bech32 checkbox text/tooltip