[Qt]: Improve sendcoinsdialog readability

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Start Date2018-05-11 06:57:41 UTC
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Build Log HEAD~6969b0969c Merge branch 'improve_sendcoinsdialog_readability' of https://github.com/marcoagner/bitcoin
81d0d565a Merge #13210: Enable W191 indentation contains tabs and W291 trailing whitespace flake8 checks for Python files
cb9bbf777 Merge #13075: [tests] Remove 'account' API from wallet functional tests
0d31ef476 Enable W191 and W291 flake8 checks. Remove trailing whitespace from Python files. Convert tabs to spaces.
1c5825035 Merge #13192: [tests] Fixed intermittent failure in p2p_sendheaders.py.
f3e747ee7 Merge #13201: [qa] Handle disconnect_node race