[Qt]: Improve sendcoinsdialog readability

Pull Request #13158

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15 minutes for Windows
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Start Date2018-05-07 12:17:18 UTC
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Author marcoagner
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Build Log HEAD~6ced620254 Merge branch 'improve_sendcoinsdialog_readability' of https://github.com/marcoagner/bitcoin
bd83704ec Merge #13149: Handle unsuccessful fseek(...):s
6a01a50f4 Merge #13180: Fix re-declared scoped enum as unscoped (Causes issues with some compilers)
a174702ba Merge #13162: [net] Don't incorrectly log that REJECT messages are unknown.
43f3dec00 Remove enum specifier (to avoid re-declare scoped enum as unscoped)
66cc47be9 Merge #13080: mempool: Add compile time checking for ::mempool.cs runtime locking assertions