qt: Show the Window when double clicking the taskbar icon

Pull Request #12999

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16 minutes for Windows
28 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-04-18 07:11:47 UTC
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Author ken2812221
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Build Log HEAD~62476ee902 Merge branch 'qt-fix' of https://github.com/ken2812221/bitcoin
3a8a4dc4a Merge #12791: Expose a transaction's weight via RPC
6b46288a0 Merge #12949: tests: Avoid copies of CTransaction
a63b4e349 Merge #12982: Fix inconsistent namespace formatting guidelines
58bbc5521 Merge #13004: Print to console by default when not run with -daemon
39e0c65b2 Merge #12988: Hold cs_main while calling UpdatedBlockTip() signal