Nightly build 2018-04-04

State completed
Build time Total: 48 minutes
12 minutes for macOS
15 minutes for Windows
22 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-04-04 23:00:12 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6bfaed1ab2 Merge #12460: Assert CPubKey::ValidLength to the pubkey's header-relevant size
2106c4c64 Merge #12853: qa: Match full plain text by default
dab0d6859 Merge #12702: [wallet] [rpc] [doc] importprivkey: hint about importmulti
648252e8a Merge #12851: travis: Run verify-commits only on cron jobs
1d540046f Merge #12870: make clean removes src/qt/moc_ files
ad960f577 Merge #12846: [moveonly] Extract HelpRequested to dry up the help options testing