Nightly build 2018-04-01

State completed
Build time Total: 48 minutes
12 minutes for macOS
15 minutes for Windows
22 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-04-01 23:00:08 UTC
Build Log HEAD~60c5f67b8e Merge #12757: Clarify include guard naming convention
9beded586 Merge #12719: tests: Add note about test suite naming convention in
fa5825d61 Merge #12284: Remove assigned but never used local variables. Enable Travis checking for unused local variables.
d454e39f2 Merge #12843: [tests] Test starting bitcoind with -h and -version
2a09a78c0 Merge #11817: [tests] Change to use BitcoinTestFramework
63048ec73 [tests] Test starting bitcoind with -h and -version