Nightly build 2018-03-02

State completed
Build time Total: 31 minutes
21 minutes for macOS
4 minutes for Windows
5 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-03-02 00:00:17 UTC
Build Log HEAD~690a0aed51 Merge #12182: Remove useless string initializations
a4a5fc7c1 Merge #12546: [docs] Minor improvements to Compatibility Notes
987a80995 Merge #11882: Disable default fallbackfee on mainnet
5c2aff8d9 Merge #10387: Eventually connect to NODE_NETWORK_LIMITED peers
39dcac27a Merge #12570: Add test cases for HexStr (std::reverse_iterator and corner cases)
be263faf8 Merge #12421: [qt] navigate to transaction history page after send