Nightly build 2018-02-07

State completed
Build time Total: 158 minutes
21 minutes for macOS
54 minutes for Windows
83 minutes for Linux
Start Date2018-02-07 00:00:07 UTC
Build Log HEAD~61462bde76 Merge #12050: [trivial] Implements a virtual destructor on the BaseRequestHandler class.
5ad320598 Merge #12363: Update README after filename change
f6cd41d93 Merge #12305: [docs] [refactor] Add help messages for datadir path mangling
88971352f Merge #11909: contrib: Replace developer keys with list of pgp fingerprints
8a6c62be6 [tests] Update README after filename change
c3451483d Merge #12322: Docs: Remove step making cloned repository world-writable for Windows build.