Nightly build 2017-12-15

State completed
Build time Total: 30 minutes
7 minutes for macOS
15 minutes for Windows
8 minutes for Linux
Start Date2017-12-15 00:00:12 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6c66adb286 Merge #10839: Don't use pass by reference to const for cheaply-copied types (bool, char, etc.)
3c8f0a3b8 Merge #11842: [build] Add missing stuff to clean-local
66479c0e6 Merge #11884: Remove unused include in hash.cpp
2ae58d5bf Merge #11864: Make CWallet::FundTransaction atomic
03a5dc9c3 [wallet] Make CWallet::FundTransaction atomic
95d4450a4 [wallet] Tidy up CWallet::FundTransaction