Nightly build 2017-10-12

State completed
Build time Total: 42 minutes
7 minutes for macOS
14 minutes for Windows
21 minutes for Linux
Start Date2017-10-12 23:00:07 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6424be0330 Merge #10099: Slightly Improve Unit Tests for Checkqueue
470c730e3 Merge #10898: Fix invalid checks (NULL checks after dereference, redundant checks, etc.)
f74459dba Merge #11277: Fix uninitialized URI in batch RPC requests
3bb77ebee Merge #11073: Remove dead store in ecdsa_signature_parse_der_lax.
a865b38bf Merge #11133: Document assumptions that are being made to avoid division by zero
892809309 Merge #11420: Bump univalue subtree and fix json formatting in tests