Nightly build 2017-09-28

State completed
Build time Total: 43 minutes
7 minutes for macOS
14 minutes for Windows
21 minutes for Linux
Start Date2017-09-28 23:00:08 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6a72003d79 Merge #11318: Put back inadvertently removed copyright notices
9d31ed2e6 Merge #10663: net: split resolve out of connect
9a8e9167f Merge #10858: [RPC] Add "errors" field to getblockchaininfo and unify "errors" field in get*info RPCs
4202273ff Merge #11401: doc: move gitian building to external repo
c9a4aa8a0 Merge #10871: Handle getinfo in bitcoin-cli w/ -getinfo (revival of #8843)
d90a00eab Merge #11397: net: Improve and document SOCKS code