Nightly build 2017-05-16

State completed
Build time Total: 43 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
15 minutes for Windows
21 minutes for Linux
Start Date2017-05-16 23:00:05 UTC
Build Log HEAD~695546c8 Merge #10362: [GUI] Add OSX keystroke to RPCConsole info
d0c37ee Merge #10383: [logging] log system time and mock time
b6ee855 Merge #10380: [doc] Removing comments about dirty entries on txmempool
8bd16ee Merge #10376: [tests] fix disconnect_ban intermittency
96c850c Merge #8704: [RPC] Transaction details in getblock
41987aa Merge #9494: Introduce an ArgsManager class encapsulating cs_args, mapArgs and mapMultiArgs