Nightly build 2019-11-27

State completed
Build time Total: 1 minutes
0 minutes for macOS
0 minutes for Windows
0 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-11-27 00:00:16 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6d8a66626d Merge #17283: rpc: improve getaddressinfo test coverage, help, code docs
4fb82e916 Merge #17567: gui: remove macOS start on login code
f2ab13096 Merge #17606: qt, refactor: Use proper classes for Ui::*
0ee914ba9 Merge #17584: wallet: replace raw pointer with const reference in AddrToPubKey
93352d261 qt: Use proper class for Ui::ReceiveCoinsDialog
878190464 qt: Fix class name of Ui::ModalOverlay