Nightly build 2019-11-24

State completed
Build time Total: 1 minutes
0 minutes for macOS
0 minutes for Windows
0 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-11-24 00:00:13 UTC
Build Log HEAD~62c98e2024 Merge #17571: Add libtest_util library to msvc build configuration
33c103e2f Merge #17539: doc: Update and improve Developer Notes
b50955443 Added libtest_util library to msvc build configuration.
0b79caf65 Merge #17447: wallet: Make -walletdir network only
4effd67bf Merge #17387: wallet_importmulti: use addresses of the same type as being imported
a6f5b6f47 Merge #17550: build: set minimum supported macOS to 10.12