Nightly build 2019-11-21

State completed
Build time Total: 1 minutes
0 minutes for macOS
0 minutes for Windows
0 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-11-21 05:52:46 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6b7bc9b833 Merge #17444: wallet: Avoid showing GUI popups on RPC errors (take 2)
41162c0ba Merge #17423: ci: Make ci system read-only on the git work tree
a8d9f7dfa Merge #17420: travis: Rework CACHE_ERR_MSG
3671c5721 Merge #17532: test: add functional test for non-standard txs with too large scriptSig
76e777df8 Merge #16161: util: Fix compilation errors in support/lockedpool.cpp
26744ae18 Merge #17446: gui: Changed tooltip for 'Label' & 'Message' text fields to be more clear