Nightly build 2019-10-31

State completed
Build time Total: 67 minutes
9 minutes for macOS
12 minutes for Windows
46 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-10-31 00:00:19 UTC
Build Log HEAD~608e294731 Merge #17316: refactor: Replace all uses of boost::optional with our own Optional type
a6abc94e9 Merge #17281: doc: Add developer note on c_str()
3c40bc672 Merge #15921: validation: Tidy up ValidationState interface
cab94cc07 Merge #16943: test: Add generatetodescriptor RPC
341e8d355 Merge #17291: tests: Add fuzzing harness for ISO-8601 related functions
fa144e6fd rpc: Add generatetodescriptor