Nightly build 2019-09-12

State completed
Build time Total: 68 minutes
9 minutes for macOS
13 minutes for Windows
47 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-09-12 23:00:18 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6884f7cc81 Merge #16714: gui: add prune to intro screen with smart default
ca97d292c Merge #16551: test: Test that low difficulty chain fork is rejected
04d9939f4 Merge #16850: test: `servicesnames` field in `getpeerinfo`and `getnetworkinfo`
1d524c62e tests: rename 'test_getnetworkinginfo' in 'test_getnetworkinfo'
07a8f6503 tests: add a test for the 'servicesnames' RPC field
2324aa1dc Merge #15529: Add Qt programs to msvc build (updated, no code changes)