Nightly build 2019-08-05

State completed
Build time Total: 57 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
13 minutes for Windows
36 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-08-05 23:00:15 UTC
Build Log HEAD~662117f9f3 Merge #16363: test: Add test for BIP30 duplicate tx
d5ea8f4bf Merge #16509: test: Adapt test framework for chains other than "regtest"
c77f7cdbd Merge #16197: net: Use mockable time for tx download
1063fc9cf Merge #16536: doc: Update and extend
6b6386e85 Merge #16538: test: Add missing sync_blocks to feature_pruning
e55444a2a Merge #16534: build: add Qt Creator to .gitignore