Nightly build 2019-08-04

State completed
Build time Total: 56 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
12 minutes for Windows
35 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-08-04 23:00:14 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6e55444a2a Merge #16534: build: add Qt Creator to .gitignore
3a3d8b835 Merge #16097: Refactor: Add Flags enum to ArgsManager class
be0e8b4bf Merge #15713: refactor: Replace chain relayTransactions/submitMemoryPool by higher method
d759b5d26 Merge #15911: Use wallet RBF default for walletcreatefundedpsbt
9f54e9ab9 Merge #16493: test: Fix test failures
0a4e4a05e [build] .gitignore add Qt Creator