Nightly build 2019-07-03

State completed
Build time Total: 67 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
12 minutes for Windows
46 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-07-03 23:00:19 UTC
Build Log HEAD~61381ddbcf Merge #16329: test: Add tests for getblockchaininfo.softforks
91c345eb9 Merge #16299: bench: Move generated data to a dedicated translation unit
11de669d8 Merge #16325: rpc: Clarify that block count means height excl genesis
9339008a9 Merge #15483: rpc: Adding a 'logpath' entry to getrpcinfo
085cac6b9 Merge #14734: fix an undefined behavior in uint::SetHex
38fbb575e Merge #16294: qt: test: Create at most one testing setup