Nightly build 2019-06-04

State completed
Build time Total: 63 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
12 minutes for Windows
43 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-06-04 23:00:11 UTC
Build Log HEAD~651858c57f Merge #16139: Docs: Add riscv64 to outputs list in
d3a1c2502 Merge #16124: tests: Limit Python linting to files in the repo
652033008 Merge #16044: qt: fix opening bitcoin.conf via Preferences on macOS
599206fda Merge #16090: Qt: Add vertical spacer to peer detail widget
c3723c80d Merge #16122: gui: Enable console line edit on setClientModel
38523721a Merge #16135: gui: Set progressDialog to nullptr