Nightly build 2017-04-24

State completed
Build time Total: 43 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
14 minutes for Windows
20 minutes for Linux
Start Date2017-04-24 23:00:08 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6fa1ac28 Merge #9951: Wallet database handling abstractions/simplifications
342b9bc Merge #9792: FastRandomContext improvements and switch to ChaCha20
1b25b6d Merge #10097: Move zmq test skipping logic into individual test case.
c530c15 Merge #10023: [tests] remove (functionality covered by other test)
2723bcd Merge #10224: [test] Add test for getaddednodeinfo
ed22eb4 Merge #10258: Fixed typo in documentation for merkleblock.h