Nightly build 2019-05-24

State completed
Build time Total: 58 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
11 minutes for Windows
38 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-05-24 23:00:14 UTC
Build Log HEAD~663b9efa73 Merge #16042: test: Bump MAX_NODES to 12
854ffcae8 Merge #16078: test: replace tx hash with txid in rawtransaction test
0784af16e remove parameters -addresstype=legacy in rpc_rawtransaction test
fe47ae168 Merge #16080: build/doc: update bitcoin_config.h packages, release process
65c4bbe62 Merge #16034: refactoring: Rename LockAnnotation to LockAssertion and add run-time check to it
0b058ba69 Merge #16024: [rpc] deriveaddresses: Correction of descriptor checksum in RPC example