Nightly build 2019-05-19

State completed
Build time Total: 31 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
11 minutes for Windows
11 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-05-19 23:00:15 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6726342445 Merge #16001: Give WalletModel::UnlockContext move semantics
7110d455e Merge #12980: Allow quicker shutdowns during LoadBlockIndex()
387eb5b34 Merge #15957: Show "No wallets available" in open menu instead of nothing
82b64a5a8 Merge #15224: Add RNG strengthening (10ms once every minute)
c89a63412 Merge #15863: scripts and tools: Ensure repos are up-to-date in
277abed60 Merge #15922: doc: Explain how to pass in non-fundamental types into functions