Nightly build 2019-05-09

State completed
Build time Total: 30 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
11 minutes for Windows
11 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-05-09 23:00:13 UTC
Build Log HEAD~679046d574 Merge #15939: gitian: Remove Windows 32 bit build
de5af41e3 Merge #15452: Replace CScriptID and CKeyID in CTxDestination with dedicated types
aebe990df Merge #15794: docs: Clarify PR guidelines w/re documentation
a65fd92f7 Merge #15766: scripts and tools: Upgrade gitian image before signing
08788ce17 Merge #15890: Doc: remove text about txes always relayed from -whitelist
fa193dc8e doc: Remove win32 from the release process