Nightly build 2019-03-18

State completed
Build time Total: 77 minutes
15 minutes for macOS
18 minutes for Windows
44 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-03-18 00:00:46 UTC
Build Log HEAD~6acbbb7bf0 Merge #15601: build: depends: Switch to python3 (take 3)
85f003274 Merge #15611: Add Gitian key for droark
204c72945 Add Gitian key for droark
2f501fb5c Merge #15522: Document sizeof(size_t) assumptions and compiler assumptions in assumptions.h
165ea14ef Merge #15604: [docs] release note for disabling reject messages by default
cede01b41 Merge #15609: scripts and tools: Set 'distro' explicitly