Nightly build 2019-03-07

State completed
Build time Total: 70 minutes
8 minutes for macOS
18 minutes for Windows
44 minutes for Linux
Start Date2019-03-07 00:01:03 UTC
Build Log HEAD~63515612e0 Merge #15473: bench: Benchmark MempoolToJSON
df36ddf9c Merge #15504: fuzz: Link BasicTestingSetup (shared with unit tests)
4952a9535 Merge #15534: [test] lint-format-strings: open files sequentially (fix for OS X)
d8a62db8b Merge #15531: Suggested interfaces::Chain cleanups from #15288
a74d588f2 Merge #14954: build: Require python 3.5
3800ca606 Merge #15513: docs: add "sections" info to example bitcoin.conf